• Cremona, Italy 26 OCTOBER 2018

Aqua Publica Europea's Seminar - The new drinking water directive and beyond

Last February, the European Commission published its proposal to revise the Drinking Water Directive. If compared to the current legislation, the Commission’s proposal introduces stricter quality requirements and a risk-based approach to ensure that the water we drink is both safe and good. What is more, the text put forward by the Commission significantly expands the scope of the Directive by introducing objectives on topics such as the access to water and transparency. If, on the one hand, the Commission’s proposal creates new challenges for water operators, on the other hand, their role is heightened. Water operators are indeed identified as the cornerstone of the governance framework outlined in the proposal.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is currently assessing the effectiveness of other key pieces of the EU water legislation, from the Urban Waste Water Treatment to the Water Framework Directives. The first part of the seminar will be dedicated to discussing the likely effects of the evolving EU legislation on European public water operators’ operations and their plans to address the new challenges. Particular attention will be paid to the implications of current and forthcoming legislation from technical, organisational and financial perspectives.


The second session will then focus on the evolution of water governance models in Europe, also in the light of transformations the future EU legislation is likely to produce. A proposal for a reform of the water sector currently discussed in Italy will be examined together with recent regulatory developments in other European countries in order to explore analogies and differences in the reforms across Europe. In addition to representatives of the European public water sector, the conference will benefit from the contributions of European and national legislators, financial institutions, and regulatory authorities.


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